CLIENT Klas Telecom

Technical Excellence and Aesthetic Understanding

Our design of the VoyagerECK has recently won a Red Dot Award in Germany

We have a long standing working relationship with Klas Telecom that affords us close understanding of their core technologies. When they came to us with the brief to develop their core portable telecommunications system in a better, smaller, more highly performing product we knew that our partnership with Klas would allow us to develop a product that would be truly world class.

VoyagerECK is an ultra-compact, portable secure communications system designed for rapid deployment by government agencies and humanitarian teams. The product allows first-response personnel to rapidly establish global access to secure networks particularly when travelling, combining access to a secure phone line at the same time as providing a secure VPN network connection.

In developing the VoyagerECK for Klas Telecom, Dolmen focused on materials and technical design innovation to deliver a product that is significantly smaller than previous incarnations but uses aerospace materials to ensure performance quality is enhanced. They also used their innate understanding of end user needs to deliver a product that is fundamentally more desirable than competitors on the market, thus leading to enhanced sales.