CLIENT Contego

Making an impact

Using design to deliver impact relief on the playing field

N-Pro has been developed for rugby players who are engaged in training or match scenarios and has proven in tests to reduce impact forces by up to 75% compared to existing head guards. It is classified as a non-invasive medical device and comprises viscoelastic materials which are intended to protect the skull from non-penetrating direct impacts and prevent or alleviate head trauma – specifically mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI).

The protective padding is placed in key areas which commonly sustain impact during training or match play. A network of large air flow channels has been integrated into the internal surface of the head guard to improve ventilation and prevent the player from overheating. This feature, along with the durable materials that are antibacterial, breathable and reduce odours, makes for a much improved user experience. The improved profile around the eyes and the apertures over the ears do not hinder the user’s vision or hearing, which can be vital in helping to avoid incidents that may result in concussion.

We are delighted to announce that the N-Pro design has secured a prestigious Red Dot design award.