Integrating the familiar with Technology

Developing a user interface inspired by traditional optical microscopes (but packed with high end technology)

Omni is a highly compact digital microscope used for the inspection of small precision components by quality control teams in industry. It features a robust digital camera unit with detachable lighting module and can be connected between any standard screen and camera mount to magnify images up to 120x in full HD.

Traditional inspection systems use optical lenses leading to large, heavy systems which can be difficult to use. Omni is different, it uses digital technology to enable a highly compact product, allowing it to be used either in a lab or on a production line to view and capture clear digital images quickly and easily.

The key design challenge was to create a high-tech product that felt as easy and intuitive to use as a traditional optical microscope. Omni takes visual and ergonomic cues from traditional optical devices and features a single, integrated rotary control dial. All key functions can be easily accessed and adjusted using a single, clear, intuitive circular interface. This feature forms the centrepiece for the product, presenting a familiar design language for the optical market, helping to bring traditional users on the journey to digital magnification.

We are delighted to announce that the Omni is yet another Red Dot award winning design collaboration between ourselves and Ash Technologies.