PROJECT Access Control Keypads


Access Control panels are among one of the first ‘touchpoints’ for visitors to your premises. Your entry system makes the first impression. The ACT product range offers a stylish and professional aesthetic that blends seamlessly with its surrounds. 

This was a great project, incorporating classic product design while simultaneously looking at styling a timeless family of products. Styling was not the sole aim of this project. The key to a successful range of products that are regularly installed on various buildings, either new or as a retro fit, is the ease of installation.

Installers require products that are easy to fit, using as few different tools as possible. ACT required a durable unit that will withstand the extremes of Irish weather; subsequently reducing risk of failure or wear and tear through daily use. The end user wants a point of contact for their client that reflects the quality and style of them and their business.

We have been consistently delivering ranges of products to ACT over the last 8 years, as access technology has evolved from a complex networking system, to stand alone intelligent wireless devices. This new product range reflects the sophistication of the internal technology while featuring a unique style that identifies every element as a member of the ACT product family. This design strategy has helped establish ACT as a market leader.