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Shake it up. How waste bi-products transformed a company

Frances Mitchell
May 8, 2020 11:56:02 AM

Before we had PE with Joe and Zoom based Yoga on our living room floors, we had Gyms! Do you remember the shared squat racks and saunas where people seemed to always sit beside you even though there’s plenty of space?

We might have to adapt our workout space, but we can still get our hands on the energy bars and the protein shakes that have now become the go-to post workout, making the old solution of a pint of Guinness and a packet of “well earned” crisps a tad dated.

And on that theme, did you know that there is an Irish company who is the #1 top performing sports protein company in the world? And this branch of their business came about by pure serendipity?

Glanbia started life as a dairy co-operative in Ireland. Initially the focus was around traditional dairy products: milk and cheese.

On a trip to the US one year, a senior executive of Glanbia visited a gym for some R&R and noticed something very interesting. Gym fanatics were all consuming whey protein drinks to enhance their performance in the gym. Whey protein, which Glanbia dumped tonnes of every year!

The savvy team in Glanbia knew they were on to something… and the rest is history.

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