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Frances Mitchell
May 22, 2020 12:43:23 PM

Saturday night and this is the new normal. I'm getting a DIY burger kit delivered from a high end burger joint who has had to close their doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent government guidelines. Luscious beef patties, the sauce that I cannot recreate at home and the brioche buns I don’t want to queue at Lidl to get. It’s the closest thing to dinner out. Now that’s ingenuity!

The risk of having to close doors forever, losing staff, not being able to pay leases, is causing businesses to apply innovative thinking on how the sustain themselves and deliver their product to consumers within the restrictions.

For businesses who are not classified as essential the importance of innovation and ingenuity in the coming months is critical to their success. History shows us that businesses can be lucky and thrive when the economy is thriving; but when time get tough innovation, standing out from the crowd and solving problems in new and different ways is what what drives success.

When all this is over, I will remember the burger joint that delivered a little bit of luxury to my door in a crisis, and cant wait to visit them when their doors are open for customers once more.

Businesses that are responding to this crisis with new ways of doing things and new solutions are growing at a rapid rate.

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