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Innovation around your daily grind evolved from a crisis

Frances Mitchell
May 8, 2020 11:55:37 AM

The ease and convenience of walking to a local coffee shop on the way to the office, ordering a flat white or a cold brew. It might have been costly but the social experience and little luxury made it worth it. 

Now with the coffee shops closed, many at risk of going out of business, we have to look for other ways to get our caffeine fix. Lockdown has caused many of us to wish we had invested in that coffee machine for the home.

Coffee beans are sitting in closed cafes, just as they were in warehouses in Brazil after the great depression. This huge surplus led Nestle to think of new ways of doing things. Instant coffee was born, providing solutions to businesses in need and caffeine on tap to those who need it.

Meanwhile in 2020, we all continue to work from home whilst bags of lovely fresh coffee beans sit unused in the Dolmen studio.

As it becomes more apparent that social distancing is going to remain part of our lives into the near future, coffee shops and businesses will have to innovate and do things differently (just like Nestle) in order to adapt and thrive in this new normal.

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