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A Klas partnership

Frances Mitchell
May 10, 2019 9:32:52 AM

DUBLIN, Ireland----Dolmen Design has won a Red Dot 2019 Product Design Award. After three consecutive wins, Red Dot has recognized Dolmen Design for excellence in product design work with Klas Telecom with a fourth award. 

We have a long-standing partnership with Klas Telecoms, Klas is a network engineering company that creates hardware solutions for the extreme edge of communication. Dolmen has worked with Klas as a design partner on several Red Dot award winning products such as the Voyager line's; 8 and ECK model, and the latest in the TRX product line.

Dolmen and Klas Telecom at reddot Essen

The Dolmen and Klas Telecom teams celebrating the Red Dot win at the annual awards ceremony in Essen, Germany.

Now, our long-standing partnership has won us another Red Dot award, this time for the latest product in the Voyager line, the Voyager TDC. The Voyager TDC is the first and only enterprise-grade portable data centre. Housed within the new and improved IP sealed voyager chassis, the Voyager TDC packs more communications and storage density into a smaller more streamlined package than any other market solution. All modules are designed to be rapidly switchable by users in extreme environments, with the integration of ergonomic serialised pull handles, so that fast response to changing needs is optimised. Each module is provided with an IP67 sealed enclosure that includes a 5-port front input panel and intelligent priority cooling.

Klas TDC Red Dot 2019 award

The Klas Telecom Voyager TDC

This allows the technology to survive extreme humidity, temperature, shock and altitude that they are likely to experience when responding to humanitarian crises. The design retains its compact size, allowing it to travel easily as aircraft hand-luggage. It houses multiple ultra-compact modular bays allowing the technology to be packed denser than ever before. The advanced engineering design has meant that transportation, logistics and operations around the deployment of the TDC are significantly improved, with a focus on speed and efficiency in extreme environments, where lives depend on it.


A blade module from the Voyager TDC product modules.

"It's about the work we've done material innovation to reduce large communication equipment to a small size," said Frances Mitchell, Director of Business Development at Dolmen. "But also keeping the product sturdy and durable in extreme environments." 

"We have come a long way with Klas and it's amazing that we have now won 4 Red Dots with Klas." said Chris Murphy, CEO and Design Director at Dolmen. "It's a testament to our ability to bring transformation at any point in the product life cycle, we are absolutely elated."


Design quality is the common
factor for award-winning products

“I would like to congratulate the laureates sincerely on their wonderful success. The fact that their products were able to satisfy the strict criteria of the jury bears testimony to their award-winning design quality. The laureates are thus setting key trends in the design industry and are showing where future directions may lead,” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot, in reference to the winners.


Success to be celebrated
at the award ceremony

On 8 July 2019, Dolmen Design will celebrate its success during the award ceremony. The international design scene will gather in Essen’s Aalto-Theater as part of the Red Dot Gala. At the subsequent Designers’ Night party, the Red Dot laureates will receive their certificates and the Voyager TDC will join the exhibition “Design on Stage” in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen, which presents all of the award-winning products. From that date, the Voyager TDC will also be on show in the Red Dot Design Yearbook, online and in the Red Dot Design App.


Experience and expertise
get straight to the point

The Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the world’s largest design competitions. In 2019, designers and manufacturers from 55 countries entered more than 5,500 products in the competition. The international jury comprises experienced experts from different disciplines and has been convening for more than 60 years in order to select the year’s best designs. During an adjudication process that spans several days, they try out the products, discuss them and ultimately reach a well-founded decision regarding the design quality of the entries. True to the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, their assessment focuses on criteria such as the level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, longevity and ergonomics.

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