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Reducing large scale highly secure communications systems to lightweight ultra-compact hand luggage.


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Voyager 8 is an ultra-portable system designed to allow rapid deployment of critical data and communications services for first response humanitarian teams in crisis zones. Previous products have evolved from bulky 19-inch racks, but Voyager 8 is different – it has been designed as a lightweight airline carry-on case.


Smart material selection
delivers award winning design

To achieve its ultra-compact size, Voyager 8 has 3 key innovations: Firstly, each modular bay shares a common power and cooling backplane, eliminating duplication;
Secondly, each module acts as a heatsink allowing the technology to be densely packed; Finally, the outer case is made from super-thin, but ultra-strong carbon fibre which provides extreme protection while reducing size and weight.
Voyager 8’s removable covers allow fast access while it’s integrally designed rugged wheels and retractable handle allow for easy handling while on the move.


First responder to
global public health crisis

In developing the VoyagerECK for Klas Telecom, we focused on materials and technical design innovation to deliver a product that is significantly smaller than previous incarnations but uses aerospace materials to ensure performance quality.
We also used our innate understanding of end user needs to deliver a product that is fundamentally more desirable than competitors on the market, thus leading to enhanced sales. The ECK was used by the first responders to the ebola crisis in Africa in 2016.


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We have had a strong relationship with Klas Telecom for nearly a decade. Their approach has led to a number of ground-breaking innovations in the area of communications for global humanitarian events.
Our work for Klas Telecom has primarily revolved around material and product selection and impletmentation. For products that are low volume, high value, and designed to perform in any enviroment. We have collaborated closely with the Klas team and this approach to teamwork and design has been validated by 4 Red Dot Design Awards.

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