CLIENT Philips Respironics
PROJECT Universal Ventilator Stand

Critical care in the balance
A universal stand for a range of respirators that has to support a myriad of accessories and still be accessible and easy to use in emergency situations

This cart has been engineered to accommodate three ventilators in the Respironics range. It also has to accommodate many other items such as two oxygen cylinders with manifolds, a humidifier, a pulse oximeter, a power brick, oxygen hoses with masks, power cords and all the relative electrical cabling and connections.  The ability to breath is  imperative. In emergency situations doctors and nurses need to be able to attach patients quickly and efficiently to respiratory equipment without confusion or a cluttered work space.

The Dolmen development team was responsible for all structural and mechanical engineering through several iterations of prototypes which underwent extreme testing with regard to loading capability and tip angle testing. Throughout, Dolmen ensured continuous optimization with regard to stability,  manufacturing and parts numbers without detriment to the design.