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We've won a Grand Prix for Guinness!

Chris Murphy
Jun 11, 2020 9:24:37 AM

Dolmen wins prestigious DBA Design Effectiveness Grand Prix award

We are delighted to share some very exciting news with you - we are incredibly proud to announce that our Guinness Hero Harp fount not only received a coveted gold at this year’s DBA awards in London, it went on to be declared the overall Grand Prix winner in a thrilling finale of one of the most competitive global design competitions.

The Design Effectiveness Award is one of the most elusive accolades in the design industry. It sets a particularly high standard for excellence and is only awarded to projects that demonstrate highly significant positive business impact as a direct result of design investment. To quote the DBA, ‘It’s not about design, it’s about the effect design has’. To achieve this high bar, our Hero Harp has exceeded all commercial expectations for Diageo by combining increased sales with lower manufacturing costs and additional market penetration as you can see in the full details of our winning DBA case study.

The Guinness Hero harp was developed jointly with the amazing design teams at partner agencies, Bompass & Parr and Designbridge and is the flagship of an epic global design collaboration which has helped to reignite consumer passion for a truly iconic brand. The design brief was to create a beacon to ‘Bring light from the darkness’ and the final form does just that, in a big bold iconic form that is unmistakably Guinness. Full details of our epic design journey can be found on our website.

While this award is a very significant accolade for our team, we are particularly proud that is has resulted in a first ever Grand Prix win for our longstanding partners at Diageo and we would like to thank them for continuing to trust us to deliver in a successful relationship that extends well over a decade.

Finally, we know that our creative engine at Dolmen is fueled by all of our clients, so we’d also like to thank you for your continued support for our team. In these challenging times, design and innovation play a more critical role than ever in helping to stand out against the competition and as this case study shows, great design really does help the bottom line, so we look forward to continuing to push boundaries for your business!



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