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Frances Mitchell
Sep 21, 2020 11:22:14 AM

Join us for this exciting opportunity to revolutionise how Human Factors research is delivered in practice.

We have assembled a crack team of designers, researchers and specialists to work on an R&D project for Dolmen over the next 3 years - but we need someone to lead the research.

We are going to leverage the exciting Career FIT PLUS programme (much akin to the Marie Curie Fellowships, but local to Ireland) where we are hoping to find an experienced researcher in Human Factors and Ergonomics to work with the team in Dolmen.

You will have the opportunity to work with world class researchers, led by Professor Nicholas Dunne, Director of Biodesign Europe, in both Dublin City University and the IMR. You will also work very closely with the team in Dolmen, led by our Medical Design Director Martin Bruggemann, with the opportunity to work on client projects across numerous industries.

Applicants should read the full opportunity briefing document and complete the expression of interest form in order to apply. You can find out more about this exciting opportunity HERE.

Deadline for applicants is October 14th 2020, with a deadline for full partnership submission with the chosen candidate to Career FIT Plus by end November 2020.

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