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Innovation adapts to challenging times

Frances Mitchell
Mar 27, 2020 8:19:51 AM

We are living through unprecedented times with significant challenges ahead but we are committed to delivering for you, our partners, through challenging times and beyond.

As a team of designers, we are problem solvers at our core and confident that, despite the challenges of COVID19, we’ll find new and creative ways to progress current projects as seamlessly as possible to ensure business continuity for all during this time.

Our entire Dolmen team will continue to be operational and at full capacity during these constrained times. We have taken significant logistical steps in the last few weeks to re-align our ways of working and we can confirm that that all team members have transitioned successfully to work remotely. In the meantime, our office will remain open for practical purposes such as receiving samples and prototype reviews, while we practice responsible social distancing.

Now more than ever, we are fully committed to delivering to our clients in our usual responsive and dynamic way and, given that we are well used to fast paced and ever changing business landscapes, we are confident that our re-aligned ways of working will continue to add value to all our clients design requirements, R&D projects and business objectives.

You can count on us to make your ideas work.



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