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Frances Mitchell
Apr 29, 2020 8:03:59 PM

We care about our frontline team.

Whether it is celebrating birthdays, getting boxes of fruit for all to share or lunch in the park, these are the things that connect us and keep us healthy in mind and body.

In isolation, that’s more difficult, but not impossible as the team in Dolmen are seeing today and throughout wellbeing week.

We are having a series of events this week, from DCU Alpha community yoga, to Wellbeing BYOCoffee Zoom calls, to a kiddies art competition, all with the focus of making sure we are all giving ourselves space to breathe. And not only this week. We are talking about the importance of making 'space' from now on. A healthy team is a healthy company!

Thanks also to the team in Nourish for helping us out with such tasty treats :-)

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