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Making a splash at the IDI awards

Frances Mitchell
Oct 12, 2020 4:02:28 PM

From over 473 entries we've been shortlisted for two awards in this year's IDI (Irish Design Institute) awards.

The Clevabath for Clevamama has been shortlisted in both the Consumer Product Design category and the Universal Design category.

Clevamama tasked us with the challenge of finding opportunities in the lives of new mothers from the hours of 7pm to 7am. The brief was gloriously broad, the team being really open to what the Discovery stage would deliver. They were looking for new and exciting opportunities that would allow them to leapfrog their competitors and really meet the needs of new mothers.

In the first stage we focussed on data gathering, carrying out interviews and observations with new mothers in the UK and Ireland, diarying with participants, completing journey maps, gathering as much qualitative data as we could.

A standout 'painpoint' for mothers of newborns was around baby bathing. It was highly stressful, challenging, physically difficult, slippery and not ergonomic. Nobody liked this experience so there was clearly an opportunity to make this a better experience for everyone. The result of our collaboration with the Clevamama team was the Clevabath.

Safe, secure and soothing – the ClevaBath gives peace of mind for mum. Designed by mums for mums, the ClevaBath provides an invaluable and universal benefit to all mothers at bath time; no lifting, no bending, no water mess, no bad posture, just easy and gentle bathing for your new baby.

Clevabath Flat

Not everyone has a bath in their home, but everyone has a sink. The Clevabath is a lightweight solution that expands, with the aid of extendable grip handles, into the shape of the kitchen sink. Self-filling and self-draining, utilising the sink taps and drainage, the Clevabath has been designed to be universally easy to use and adapt to the widest range of kitchen sinks.

Clevabath Expanded

Hypoallergenic materials and a unique adjustable bum-bump to support baby as (s)he grows, from 6 days old to 6 month old, this is the first ever solution for mums that fully transforms the kitchen sink into a happy baby bath.

Clevabath Baby in Bath


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