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Insights that drive innovation (a talk)

Frances Mitchell
Jul 20, 2021 11:39:11 AM

We were delighted that our Head of User Insights, Craig Scott, spoke at this year's IRDG Design Thinking Ireland event on the subject of: "Why Better Human Understanding is the Only Way Forward".

The talk was very well attended and we all gained some really unique insights into the process of gathering insights at the early stages of innovation. You can see Craig's presentation at the bottom of this blog.

Craig has 25 years experience working in insight teams for Kimberly-Clark and J&J. He was more recently the European Head of Research for Pfizer where he was credited with introducing new insight techniques to modernise Pfizer’s approach to understanding customers.

Craig has since specialised in conducting market research for the medical devices industry via his company Greensand. His new role at Dolmen focuses on bringing this deep insight of end users and customers, from anywhere in the world, to our creative processes.

We have long been advocates of insight driven innovation and the addition of Craig to our team highlights our belief in the importance of gaining these insights at an early stage in order to fuel success in the market at product launch.

Why not schedule a call with our team to have a quick chat through your current challenges in gaining market insights and learn how we can help you access users anywhere in the world and dig deep into what they really need.

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