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A Surge of Innovation for
Draught at Home

Guinness Nitrosurge puts the iconic two-part Guinness pour into the hands of the consumer, bringing the magic of the Guinness pouring experience and a perfectly smooth pint to the home.




Precision technology for the perfect pour

Guinness Nitrosurge is a pocket-sized device that heralds a breakthrough in home beer dispense. The unit transmits finely-tuned ultrasonic pulsations through the beer to release a cascade of perfectly formed nitrogen bubbles that create the surge and flavour of beautiful, great-tasting Guinness for every pour.


Hand poured draught perfection

Guinness Nitrosurge is simple and intuitive to use. Slipping smoothly over the top of a fully recyclable can, the device ultrasonics are activated by the push of a single button. The user engages in the craft of pouring the perfect pint with a primary ultrasonic activated fill, followed by a secondary top up that is true to the traditions of the brands iconic two part pour

Unmistakably Guinness design

The simple iconic cylindrical form is crowned at the top with an illuminated Guinness harp, while the beer flow is controlled with a precision Guinness nozzle, which is removeable for cleaning. Material finishes and detailing are carefully curated in keeping with the brand’s rich association with quality craftsmanship, despite the unit being accessible as an affordable and reusable purchase.


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