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Reinforcing patent application
and improving the end user experience

The team in Vasorum had developed a clever solution to rivet an artery shut, post stent surgery. When they needed to develop a deployment system they came to us.

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Outsmarting the
patent process

Vasorum’s Celt ACD (Arterial Closure Device) is used to deploy a biocompatible stainless steel plug to close an arterial incision following a catheter-based procedure such as the placement of an endovascular stent.

After an initial stage of R&D the client brought us on board to shore up and reinforce their proposed patent claims by brainstorming and developing a pipeline of potential designs that could be used to achieve the same results.

The ideation session generated a number of directions that Vasorum built into their patent claims to make the intellectual property more robust and difficult to design around.

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design in practice

During the vascular stent procedure an incision is generally made in the femoral artery, the stent is delivered through this opening and, once deployed, the artery needs to be closed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. At the early stages of user research we found that all of this work was done by the surgeon.
There was a clear opportunity to optimise this final stage so that it could not only be completed more effectively but also perhaps performed by another member of the surgical team, freeing up the surgeon for more procedures elsewhere.

Human Impact

Reduced mean time to haemostasis to just 32 secs (versus nearest competitors at 2min*), a reduction of 75%.

Quicker than its nearest competitor by 17%.**


* UpponiSS1, Ganeshan AG, Warakaull eDR, Phillips-Hughes J, Boardman P,Uberoi R (2007) Angiosealversus manual compression for haemostasis following peripheral vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures--a randomized controlled trial, European Journal of Radiology, 61(2), pp. 322-324

** Cahill T, Malpass F, KardosA (2014) Celt ACD®, A novel stainless steel femoral artery closure device, reduces time to hemostasis, patient discomfort and late bruising compared with Angio-seal™, Heart, 100, Suppl3 A44

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