CLIENT Nualight
PROJECT Zest Modular Lighting

Often, the most seductive design innovations are the ones you’ll never see.

We call it the green gadget, the small, simple piece of plastic that will never be seen by anyone shopping in the thousands of supermarkets where the fresh produce is lusciously illuminated by Zest, Nualight’s ground-breaking modular LED lighting system. And that’s as it should be.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love pretty objects as much as the next designer, but the crux of an innovative breakthrough rarely comes down to surface styling.

In our experience it  usually lies somewhere in the less-than-glamorous guts of the matter, in the hidden niches that things like our little green gadget call home. What the customers shopping in those  supermarkets will see are seductively illuminated fresh fruits and vegetables, and clean, unbroken lines of lighting fixtures that accentuate the pristine appearance of the produce and that’s also as it should be.