CLIENT Amulet Devices
PROJECT Voice Activated Remote Control

Now We’re Talking
Tilt and Talk: The future of the home Media Center. Amulet needed a sexy slick remote control to go with it.

“Play artist Rolling Stones” say what your thinking and the amulet remote obliges with a rendition of ‘Start me up’
With the Amulet Voice Enabled Remote Control, you can fully control your Windows Media Center via voice, record and watch TV, listen to your favorite music, and view DVDs, videos and photos, using simple voice commands.

The system’s voice recognition software is only activated when the unit is tilted vertically, this is indicated visually by
lighting the Amulet logo where the microphone is located for voice input. The device buttons can be used as normal when horizontal and this also deactivates
the voice recognition function.

The overall appearance is a marriage between an ergonomic grip underneath and a high end polished quality finish above.