PROJECT Synconta

Sometimes simple products require smart innovations

Digging deep for industrial innovation

Synconta is a waste water management unit designed for below ground installation. Its purpose is to collect and discharge wastewater and sewage from domestic or industrial locations that are located below the main sewer line.

The unit is designed to accept either a single or double pump assembly, either of which can be pre-assembled outside the tank and then easily lowered into the chamber once the tank is seated into the ground – without the need for the installation engineer to climb inside, which provides huge safety benefits.

During use the unit can be subjected to enormous geological, vehicular and fluid dynamic forces so the design team used the mechanical performance requirements to influence the strong industrial aesthetic. FEA proved that the new tank outperformed its predecessor and did so in a more sustainable manner. For applications that go beyond the standard installation depth an extension piece, whose height is fully customisable, can be used.

We are delighted to announce that the Synconta design is the first Red Dot award winning design for Sulzer.