PROJECT Innvoation Management

De-risking new product development
Here’s a sobering statistic: Six out of seven new products fail to make a profit.

Why so much failure? Well, there could be any number of explanations: poor recognition of user needs and desires, lack of good ideas, uninspired design, insufficient validation, a weak business case…

Developing new products and services is a complex process with many potential pitfalls and risks. We believe, however, that the process can be ‘derisked’, and we’re working with companies like Roca, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of bathroom fixtures, to do just that.

Roca’s Barcelona-based design team is made up of talented and motivated people. De-risking innovation means providing creative talent such as this with a methodology for quickly and inexpensively bringing as many targeted ideas as possible through the development pipeline to a point where they can be subjected to rigorous validation for their technical feasibility and commercial viability.