PROJECT Max 2 Shoe Shine

Riding on a smile and a shoeshine

Adding a little ‘punch’ to the shoeshine market

Something as simple as a shoe shine sponge, it’s been around for years, a direct evolution of the shoe polish brush we used to clean our shoes as kids. You might think, where can you go with it? Punch started work with us 10years ago with us to develop 3D packaging for a new cleaning product they had developed.

The opportunity to reinvent something so simple that so many were familiar with was too much for the team to pass up. En masse everyone at dolmen got involved in an ideation session with punch. Ideas and experience from both sets of parties is what made the day so productive.  Over 20 concepts exploring various forms were generated in less than a week.

The chosen concept flips open from a compact stackable pack to reveal a handy handle offering a comfortable grip and ensuring you don’t get shoe polish on your hands.