CLIENT Enterprise Ireland
PROJECT Product Management Programme

Product management for Ireland’s Software innovators
The Software Sector is responsible for 25% of Ireland’s total turnover
(EEN ICT Report)

We brought together a team of international experts to drive growth in 17 small, medium and multinational software companies. Enterprise Ireland’s Product Management Programme focused on increasing the efficiency of how the development of product and services is managed. Following the 8 month programme, 86% of companies improved the efficiency of their product management process, resulting in their confidence in achieving revenue growth increasing by over 35%.

Making businesses more efficient is not just about processes, it’s often about changing mind sets, organisational structures, value propositions and positioning. We went back to basics; evaluating business and product strategies and ensuring that the products and services developed were aligned with this and were what the market wanted. We focused on identifying and designing solutions to meet end user needs, with 93% of the companies improving the process of identifying their market needs.

Participants left with a tailored agenda to meet the participating company’s needs in integrating and driving Product Management within the business through Intensive mentoring, workshops and support by the multidisciplinary Product Management Team.

At the end of the programme, a Plenary Session was held as a networking opportunity for the companies and in order to share learning from both the Product Management Programme and their experience in implementing Product Management.