PROJECT Watercooler Range

Cooler Water

Redefining the water cooler

It’s not easy shifting traditional thinking on manufacturing techniques used in the water cooler industry when you’re the first to do it.

Traditionally water coolers are made from 1 piece blow moulding. They are usually white and often cheap looking. Yet these are something that we place in every office across the country alongside top of the range computers and trendy office furniture. Even if they are in the canteen or kitchen they still sit beside contemporary slick fridges chrome finished kettles. White goods products are no longer white.

Nobody has ever thought to update the humble water cooler… until now.

We worked with Oasis to redesign their water cooler range introducing new materials, bringing the perceived value of the coolers up in the market. Applying metallic and gloss black finishes to more contemporary forms. Oasis also introduced one of the first filter water coolers that doesn’t need replacement bottles but filters and cools water direct from the water supply.

The water cooler has now truly become something that people talk about rather than just talk around.