CLIENT Respironics

What peace of mind should look like
Seeing your new born baby in ICU can be a frightful experience. NeoPAPs soft shield like design is designed to protect and put new parents at ease

NeoPAP provides a non-invasive method of delivering continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to assist breathing in respiratory-challenged newborns. The device creates and supplies a warmed, humidified gas mixture to the patient via a series of disposable tubes and connectors.

NeoPAP breaks away from the rectilinear format of existing devices. The form of the main unit was derived from a protective shield – a symbol that can be seen to guard and protect the infant in the absence of the parents. It borrows aesthetic cues from domestic baby care products, a direction that is intended to reduce the technological intimidation experienced by visiting parents, and combines these with a level of visual sophistication that is required from a product of this nature.