PROJECT Arysto Ten

A showering experience that thrills the senses

Who would have thought that there could be innovation in shower design?

We have been working with Merlyn, the UK and Ireland’s leading shower enclosure provider, since 2014. Our collaboration has focused on enriching the innovation funnel of new product development for the company, challenging preconceptions about what the showering experience could be and bringing new materials, creative processes and technical innovation to the fore. This feeds directly into the Merlyn message of quality, design led innovation and the customer being at the heart of new product development.

Our design collaboration with Merlyn has focused on three core areas to deliver premium new product development to the market:

The unique design language developed for the Arysto Ten range features smooth flowing curves, punctuated by crisp contemporary lines and subtle ‘frameless’ details. From the flowing crisp chamfered edges that reflect light to the smoothly rounded profile intersections, every tiny detail on the Arysto has been carefully considered to provide a truly resolved aesthetic form.

The hidden twin track roller precision engineered system allows the door to balance in perfect equilibrium. It distributes load evenly across four wheels to twin tracks resulting in a silky smooth rolling action, the smoothest in the market. All internal rolling mechanisms are hidden inside the shower providing a sleek, ultra-clean look.

The Arysto Ten system features a range of innovative accessories, all designed specifically to enhance the ultimate showering experience. The flagship feature in the range is the highly innovative ‘Halo’ handle concept – a unique, interactive premium lighting feature that detects a users hand and offers a reassuring glow of light on each actuation. This continues throughout the range, framing showers in a subtle, clean, contemporary light.

These new innovations have significantly disrupted a long established market and are delivering significant value for Merlyn. It certainly means that our design teams spend more time in the shower!