CLIENT LaserChaser
PROJECT Wall Chaser

Chasing Innovation
Tough tools for professionals

Designed to cut concrete all day every day, designed to be tough.  Every budding DIY enthusiast will tell you chasing walls is not a fun job. It’s tough on the arms, tough on the lungs breathing concrete dust, tough on the wall chaser itself. Laserchaser is designed to make to make the job easier.

Laserchaser is the most powerful motor and blade combination on the market housed in a product that fits perfectly onto any existing angle grinder body. We worked with Laserchaser to engineer the toughest most durable parts possible. Made from high strength die cast aluminum strength and light weight is what makes this product the best on the market.

From industrial strength engineering to sticky labels and a strong brand identity to match the product, we worked with Laserchaser developing a range of sizes and accessories for various industrial requirements.