CLIENT Endosim
PROJECT Laprotrain

An affordable fully functioning, portable, endoscopic trainer
The first prototype was a plastic storage box with holes cut in the top to take the laproscopic tools. The finished product is still plastic but has been engineered to reflect the ergonomic feel and shape of a human torso.

With 100’s Medical students often left to fight for practice time on expensive laproscopic training simulators it’s not easy getting the required practice time in. With keyhole surgery becoming more and more mainstream it’s essential for medical surgeons to be fluent in the tools and techniques used.

Endosim came to Dolmen with an idea for a low cost training simulator that would be affordable even for students themselves. Armed with a plastic box prototype to show proof on principle, they wanted a device which enables surgical tasks to be carried out through realistic ‘skin ports’. Tasks are observed using a unique ball and socket camera mount, allowing Laprotrain to be used without an assistant surgeon.

We worked with Endosim to produce and develop the Laprotrain from concept right through to production offering a fully functional training simulator for a fraction of the price of other market offerings.