CLIENT Irish Rail
PROJECT Train Livery

Slick and streamlined

Commuter, Intercity, CityGold
A facelift for our National Railway

Irishrail may not have always been considered reliable, but with a new image and new trains, Irish rail are full steam ahead making positive changes. Dolmen have worked extensively with Irish Rail on many high profile and successful transport projects, from the award winning City Gold service to the new set of 65 InterCity trains.

Dolmen was commissioned by Irish Rail to design a brand new Livery for their latest Intercity Fleet. The intercity trains are the principal national railway service in Ireland. Irish Rail required a modern, sleek and streamlined livery for the fleet, reflecting the quality and standards within, while retaining the image of a reliable, Irish service. The colours and aesthetic of the exterior livery was translated into the interior design to gain brand awareness and consistency.

As part of this project the Intercity logo was challenged and redesigned to fit the new intercity image. The new Intercity styling represents the emergence of a newer, faster Irish Rail intercity service that is continuously
developing and moving forward.