CLIENT Trinidad & Tobago

Instilling Innovation

The Trinidad and Tobago Government are facing a challenge; how do they grow their 18,000 SMEs?*

Trinidad & Tobago know that making changed in local businesses can ultimately make major changes to the economy. We worked with the BDC to design the INSTIL Innovation Programme to help initiate the process of innovation within local businesses SMEs.

We worked with 11 SMEs ranging from a steel ‘pancase’ company to an engineering business to help them grow and scale.  Each business has different needs, challenges and goals and as such we developed an adaptable and flexible programme tailored to the needs of each business; ranging from developing new products and improving manufacturing processes to growing the customer base.

The INSTIL Programme consisted of 6 workshops and 12 months of intensive one-to-one mentoring by a team of 6 mentors.

*Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, 2010.