CLIENT Enterprise Ireland

Networking roadshow for the ideas generation

Ideagen is an initiative designed to inspire, inform and connect Ireland’s brightest innovators and entrepreneurs.

We worked with Enterprise Ireland to develop ‘the Ideagen Programme’, focused on a simple objective- we wanted to maximise the potential of good ideas.

We brought together sectoral experts, entrepreneurs and researchers, all interested in the same industry sector and with different business strengths. Following presentations by industry experts, structured networking and insights into successful commercialisation strategies, we set the teams the challenge of identifying a problem currently experienced by the market and supported them in undertaking an idea generation exercise to identify solutions. We have successfully applied this ‘Ideagen’ process from industries ranging from renewable energy to the medical sector.

Our overall aim; to spark ideas for innovative new businesses and research projects with high-growth potential. All participants are free to proceed with the ideas shared in the workshops.


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