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You see HKC products everywhere. You might even have one in your home; White or brown small little boxes, hidden around the doors and windows of your home offering you security and protection against unwanted intrusion. The keypad as you come through your front door lighting up in the dark evenings allowing you to key in the alarm code; The alarm box on the outside of your house understated in design but also a warning to would be intruders that this home is protected.

The understated subtle design is what the end user sees but the real design innovations in the HKC products are the bits that most people don’t see. The internals; the built in levelling aid to make sure its assembled straight, the concealed little screw holder ready for action. HKC products are all designed with the installer in mind.

We have worked with HKC for many years, from developing new styling for a full family of products, to the tweaks and modifications making things smaller; Whether it be conceptualising the next big this in home security or managing production tooling for this year’s new products.

HKC continue to lead the market in cost effective electronic security products.