PROJECT Innovation Connections

Harnessing opportunities in the Civil Security Sector
Real market growth achieved after ICP participation

Hault took part in the ICP Programme to explore further opportunities of how they could meet the needs of the Civil Security Sector using existing technology and resources.

Following the ICP Programme in 2010, ‘Top Security Fencing Ltd.’ changed its name to ‘Hault’. As a brand they have remained focused on meeting their customers’ needs, ranging from large commercial clients to small domestic clients, by delivering innovative solutions. Hault, a family business, has established a very reputable name in the security industry.

Following the workshops, we worked with and assisted and supported Hault by providing them with the contacts of other businesses that had set up partnerships in Europe (Poland and Hungary). The purpose of this was to help HAULT expand the brand into Eastern Europe where there was a need for a low cost, low energy railing system.  The ICP Programme led to HAULT looking into the potential of entering into a joint venture with a company based in Krosno in southern Poland.

“The ICP programme not only helped us to focus our sales & marketing activities but also gave us access to a great deal of information that we would not otherwise have had.

This combined with revising our business model meant that areas which we were lacking in and had previously not spent an adequate amount of time or resources on developing came to the fore which in turned helped us to build on our customer base and made us more focused on the core areas of our business, giving greater value to our clients.