CLIENT Dataworks

Ideas people

Dataworks are ideas people, but their ideas were not being explored as there was no structured process in place. When Dataworks took part in the CIME Programme all this changed.

Dataworks needed a structure to develop their business, services and customer experiences. They had ideas, but no way of tracking and managing the development and comercialisation of their ideas. Opportunities were leaking through the net.

As a result of the CIME programme, we mentored Dataworks in instilling innovation as a tool to grow their business. This change was not just about putting a process in place. It was about transforming the business; this ranged from restructuring the organisation, to providing the tools and processes to bring ideas from concept to commercialisation.

Dataworks’ systematic innovation management system has resulted in a 10% increase in sales and a 15% increase in employment. Since putting the process in place; 328 ideas have been identified, 15 of these ideas were validated as a market need. 5 ideas have gone through early stage business case evaluation, with an additional 5 currently undergoing the process.

“We are reaping the rewards in measurable growth”. Liam Curham, CEO, Dataworks