CLIENT Ash Technologies
PROJECT Crystal Portable Magnifier

Rust never sleeps.

Neither do innovative companies.

Over the lifespan of our lengthy relationship with Ash Technologies they have never stopped asking themselves and us one very important question. How can we make the lives of those who use our products easier?

And year after year, we’ve worked together in the dogged pursuit of improvements, a journey that has brought us through five generations of portable reader products and has most recently culminated in the development of the Crystal +.

From the first to the last of those generations the mantra driving the design has been the same – let’s create products that integrate as seamlessy as possible in a modern lifestyle and enable their users to do the same.

Crystal + was recently awarded the prestigious Red Dot for design excellence. But that won’t stop Ash or us from asking that same old question. What can we do to make the lives of those who use it even better?