Building jobs

The Irish construction was responsible for 25% of GNP in 2006,
Dropping to just 6% in 2012.

The Irish Construction Industry Report  2012, an online niche jobs board for the construction industry joined the CIME Programme because the construction sector had significantly declined. They needed to turn their business around.

We supported in identifying ‘where they wanted to be’ and identifying the critical steps to achieve this. Within the 10 month CIME Programme, increased their turnover by 180%, with over 80% of revenue being generated from export markets.

Through a combination of workshops and intensive mentoring, we supported in identifying a new set of customers and gathering and validating their unmet needs. By refocusing their business offering in line with the dramatic changes in the construction industry they developed 4 new services tailored to what the market wanted. With this new offering targeted  international markets where there was increasing demand for construction professionals; the result of which was a 50% increase in their customer base within the 10 month programme.