CLIENT Murphy Concrete Products

A concrete business model

When challenges create opportunities

‘Murphy Concrete Products Ltd.’ manufactures precast concrete products for the agricultural industry. Having focused solely on the Irish market, the downturn forced them to rethink their business and identify where growth would come from.

We went back to basics, supporting Murphy Concrete Products in making the business leaner, more cost effective and in parallel to find new markets to create growth and scale the business.

Murphy Concrete Products moved from focusing solely at the Irish market to targeting the UK market. Within the 10 month programme, Murphy Concrete Products partnered with a UK supplier with 39 retail outlets nationwide, resulting in a 30% increase in revenue. In parallel, they grew their workforce, increasing employment from 2.5 to 7 people, an increase of 180% and doubled their yard space to scale their resources in line with the market growth.

Murphy Concrete Products’ have built a strong market position to further scale their business and have gained the confidence to develop and launch new products that meet their markets’ unmet needs.