CLIENT European Regional Development

Leading edge programmes for innovative thinking
250,000 businesses are currently operating in Ireland.
By the end of the year 25,000 businesses won’t make it

Creativity and Innovation in Micro Enterprises, the CIME project provides micro-enterprises across South-East Ireland access to leading-edge development and training programmes designed to provide 75 micro and small companies with the innovation tools to grow their businesses.

At the beginning of the CIME programme, the majority of companies taking part on this programme were struggling to survive and were looking for a future direction for their business. Following the 9 month programme, over 20% of the companies had employed new staff, with a further 24% planning to increase their workforce in the following 12 months- this is double the regional average.

Our focus was on using ‘creative thinking’ in the companies as a tool to increase differential over competitors and to embed a process for sustainable growth. We supported the companies in exploring new revenue streams, new customer segments, new channels to market and new value propositions.

Following the 9 month programme, 91% of the companies had innovation processes in place to drive transformation in how they operate and do business.