CLIENT Carlsberg
PROJECT 2016 Tap Marker

Probably the best way to stand out in a bar

Premium lighting effects for Carlsberg

Our partnership with Diageo spans over a decade now and in that time we’ve seen many changes in the bar industry. From frosted taps to smart housings that maximise bar space, we’ve developed a wide range of solutions to ensure beer brands look great at point of sale.

The Carlsberg Tap Marker was a real opportunity to develop from scratch a new approach to beer tap markers. Developed right through from early stage concept development, to mechanical design, prototyping and full design for manufacture, the new Carlsberg Tap Marker debuted on pub counters in the Spring of 2016, causing a stir with barflys and publicans alike.

Key to the design is the combination of the extruded iconic ‘hop’ silhouette and subtle lighting to ensure it ‘stands out’ in all senses of the word. Possibly the best tap marker…. ah no, we can’t say that!!