CLIENT Budweiser
PROJECT Tap Marker

Raising the Bar

Evolving a new face for Budweiser

With new global brand guidelines just launched, Budweiser had to move quickly in order to get the new brand to the bar. We were brought on board to explore new solutions so it could be re-applied to existing bar equipment at minimum time and expense.

The solution was a simple but cost-effective moulded assembly which retro-fits to existing taps. The new tap marker allowed Budweiser to introduce the new branding and provide a rapid and radical visual transformation at the bar, while reusing existing components including lighting and electronics.

As part of the process, we also evolved a striking new three-dimensional form for the brand by merging contemporary visual cues with classic American lines. The prominent fold along the vertical centreline and the lower chrome chevron were derived from American muscle car styling, boldly punctuated by the Budweiser logo and seal.