CLIENT BioInnovate Ireland
PROJECT Medical Device Innovation Programme

Breakthrough Ideas in

just a matter of hours


Our 2day Bioinnovate workshop was designed to give medical companies the skillset and knowledge to identify, invent and implement medical device innovation.

We provided participants with a structured, proven process and toolkit that Identified unmet and undermet user needs. This process was not just theoretical, during the workshop each team was given the opportunity to interview 2 cardiologists (the real customers), helping them to map the steps involved in the specific cardio procedure. Based on this learning the teams identified problems experienced by the end user and prioritised the problems using a selection matrix.

Teams were then given 45min to quickly mock up a solution and a storyboard to explain how it works. On presenting the solutions back to the room, the cardiologists rated the ideas from best to worst… some of the ideas were worse than the current market solutions!!

Aside from all the fun and games, the programme’s user-centric approach was focused on understanding the user’s needs; identifying a problem worth solving; and verify what would work and eliminate what would fail in a matter of hours rather than a matter of weeks.