A (paper) cut above the rest

Quality paper scanning on a humongous scale

We worked with the ABB engineering team to develop the NP800, an industrial paper scanner. The NP800 scans small-to-mid size paper with a maximum width of 6.2 meters. The product uses a simple, elegant visual design language and has been developed for easy expansion whilst highlighting its robustness, reliability and serviceability.

All system electronics and moving parts are fully integrated into the end columns and are completely accessible away from the paper feed for easy and safe maintenance. The robust nature of the A-beam construction with rigid end-columns provide superior vertical, horizontal and torsional rigidity. This stable structure is critical for the precise alignment of sensor source and detector heads in harsh environments.

The sealed construction prevents liquid or dust entering the unit and also ensures a clean and thermally stable airflow to protect all components, removing the need for liquid cooling. The modular nature of the sensor array allows each machine to be customized to specific customer requirements. These features minimize installation down-time, start-up requirements and utility costs – reducing overall system lifecycle costs.

We are delighted to announce that the NP800 design is the first Red Dot award winning design for ABB.